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A'pieu Aqua Nature Deep-Sea Dewdrop Clearing Softner

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The A'pieu brand Aqua Nature Deep-Sea Dewdrop Clearing Softner contains deep ocean water, baobab tree fruit extract, silver mushroom extract, black willow bark extract and mushroom extract as the main ingredients. The moisturising milk along with AHA and deep-sea water remove the rough dead skin and give the facial skin a silky feel. The barley and black willow extracts are used to treat the dead skin and keep the skin moist. For best results, apply the Softner twice a day in the morning and at night after washing your face. Take a little of the Softner on a cotton ball and keep it over the desired areas over the rough skin for five minutes. After this, use your hands to tap the skin lightly so that the Softner is absorbed well by the skin. Start from the center and proceed towards the contour. The clearing Softner comes in a light blue 500 ml cylindrical bottle with a pumping mechanism to avoid spillage and a white lid.  

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