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Smooth away sagged skin and achieve a remarkably younger-looking skin with the help of A'PIEU ESSENTIAL SOURCE COLLAGEN FIRMING ESSENCE that has an inimitable anti-ageing formula that provides you with a radiant and firmer skin.

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Pure natural extracts in this collagen firming essence deeply penetrate into the skin and combat wrinkles, fine lines paving the way for a smooth and healthy skin.

As we age, the strength of the skin matrix gradually begins to diminish leading to the breakdown of collagen peptides and formation of wrinkles. Marine Collagen along with 3 kinds of plant collagen extracts which are rich in amino acids and resilient seed complex restores the skin’s strength and retains its elastic nature. It tightens the skin and keeps it optimally hydrated. It stimulates proper growth and regeneration of skin cells which in turn initiates the synthesis of fresh collagen in the underlying layers of the skin. This keeps your skin flexible and wrinkle-free thereby laying the foundation for beautiful, youthful skin.

A'PIEU ESSENTIAL SOURCE COLLAGEN FIRMING ESSENCE which is dermatologically tested is free from harmful parabens, mineral oil and tar colours. It smoothes skin making it firm, poreless and in that way enhances the overall radiance of the skin.

Ingredients: Marine Collagen 70%, 3 kinds of plant collagen, resilient seed complex

For optimum skin care: Cleanse the skin and wipe it dry. Pump a moderate amount of this essence and apply along the skin texture gently and evenly. Press lightly with palms for proper absorption.

Volume: 40ml

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