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Atomy Calming Skin 130ml

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Safeguarding the skin from the hazardous pollutants like smog, dust and other impurities is something which needs to be rigorously addressed.  Use Atomy  Calming Skin that nourishes the skin making it healthy so that skin always appears fresh and vibrant.

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Atomy  Calming Cream is formulated with the purest ingredients obtained from the nature that is extremely skin-friendly and provides adequate protection to the skin.

Natural Herbal Extracts (9 kinds) effectively nurtures the skin and soothes irritated sensitive skin. It helps in the rapid healing of rashes, redness, scars caused by acnes and pimple outburst. Its gentle cleansing action thoroughly cleans the skin without agitating it and keeps the natural protective layer of the skin intact. It moisturizes the skin and helps in retaining a substantial amount of water content in the deeper layers. It insulates the skin and protects it against free radical damage which distorts the normal cell development process. Antioxidants in this mushroom promote the proper rejuvenation of skin cells which in turn, paves the way for a healthy skin.

Citrus Essential oils have a wide variety of antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which boost immunity and aids in keeping all kinds of skin irritations at bay. It acts as good detoxifying agent and provides you with an energetic, smooth and glamorous skin.

Ingredients: Natural Herbal Extracts, Phellinus Linteus mushroom, Citrus Essential oils

For best results: After cleansing the skin, apply an appropriate amount of the cream over the face evenly. Gently tap for absorption.

Volume: 130ml.

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