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Bergamo Gold Ampoule set

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Achieve a smooth and sparkling skin in the simplest way with the help of Bergamo Gold Ampoule set which pampers and nurtures your skin such that you get a rosy clear complexion.

Product Details: 

Gold Extract provides the essential nutrients that profoundly condition the skin such that skin is always firm and plump. Antioxidants in Gold Extract lessen the body’s production of inflammatory compounds. This, in turn, substantially slows down the ageing clock and prevents thinning of the skin. Vitamins in this extract cleanse the skin and boost the immunity such that the skin always appears flexible, revitalized.

Natural plant extracts in this Ampoule improves the blood circulation ensuring that adequate amount of moisture and oxygen is supplied to the skin cells. It speeds up the healing process of the skin and prevents the appearance of blemishes, scars caused by acnes. Amino acids in this extract soothe skin and protect it against other skin irritants. 

Gently absorbed, Bergamo Gold Ampoule set which has a non-sticky, mild texture ensures long-lasting moisturization, such that skin always remains supple and glowing. Your skin stays in the pink of health and so you stay gorgeous.

Ingredients: Gold Extract, Centella Asiatica extract, Rice Callus Extract, Portulaca Oleracea Extract, Green tea Callus Extract, Pulsatilla Vulgaris Extract, Lichen Extract, ETCMG, Adenosin, Glycerin, Allantin

For optimum skin care: Cleanse the skin and apply toner. Pump 1-2 times to get the required amount and apply evenly onto the face avoiding eyes and lips. Use it twice a day.

Volume: 13ml * 10EA.

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