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Black Out Pore Clean Toner

Black Out Pore Clean Remover

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An exclusive product for clogged pore impurity removal from "The Secret Key",  Blackout pore clean remover has its main ingredient as Black Charcoal, which plays a vital role in cleansing clogged pores and prevents acne breakouts. They are very effective in cleaning open pores and reducing acne. The fermented garlic and black soybean help skin to regain its elasticity that eventually makes you look more young and fresh. The product mainly applies for people with extremely oily and acne-prone skin since its removes the excess oil from your face.

The product is made of fully natural ingredients that are safe for skin. Also free from additives like Parabens, Mineral Oil, Phenoxyethanol, and Artificial Colors
Quantity: 100ml

How to Use:
Use a steamed towel and wipe your face to open all pores. Then apply the product where you feel clogged pores are present, or on black and whiteheads and on the T-zone. sweep well with a cotton pad. Wash off and pat dry. Use the Blackout Pore Toner and tone up your face as an extra step of care

Note: Kindly do an allergy patch test before extensively using the product. If you feel any irritation while using, discontinue the usage.

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