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A small tub of Wonder... Can we give this name to the Multi-Cell Repair Eye Cream from The Secret Key??? Yes, you will, once you start using the cream. The area under the eye plays a crucial role in making your face look young and healthy. So undoubtedly you need to take extra care of that area. Being the thinnest layer of skin on your whole body, the area under your eye tends to get tanned easily. The Multi Cell Night Repair eye cream has Tomato Callus extracts that regenerates the damaged skin and give a healthy overall look. The green tea extracts are also real good for reducing the fine lines under the eye and detain them. The cream also imparts a good moisture layer to the eye area and improves the under eye texture.

Quantity: 15gm

How to Use: Take a very small amount of the cream and lightly tap under your eye area. The extremely non-greasy cream gets absorbed easily leaving a little trace of the same. Use it as a night cream. Don’t forget to stay hydrated and happy for that extra glow skin!

Note: If you feel any kind of irritation while using the product, stop immediately and take your doctor’s advice.

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