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Pearl Vitality Protein Repair Cream

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Beauty is within the skin. Protect your skin and pamper it with the right cosmetic product. Pearl Vitality Protein Repair Cream deeply nourishes the skin leaving your skin always soft, glossy and radiant. 

Product Details: 

Pearl Vitality Protein repairing cream is composed of the most natural ingredients which are absolutely skin-friendly and leaves your skin smooth, calm and refreshed.

Pearl Powder which is one of the key ingredients in this cream imparts the innate glow of a pearl to your skin. Pearl Powder which contains the most concentrated form of calcium deeply penetrates into the skin and nourishes it right from the deepest layers. It is also rich in amino acids and contains traces of many rich minerals that play an active role in maintaining the health of the skin. The proteins in Pearl powder facilitate collagen regeneration which helps in improving the elastic nature of the skin. This, in turn, reduces age spots, wrinkles, freckles and paves the way for a youthful complexion. The brightening complex in pearl powder slows the development of melanin pigment which thereby provides natural brightness and fairness to the skin. 

Pearl Vitality Protein Repair Cream is long-wearing and is of a mild texture. It perfectly shields your skin from all kinds of skin imperfections by creating a flawless canvas and provides you with a shimmering, picture-perfect look.

For optimum skin care: Cleanse the skin and wipe it dry. Apply an appropriate amount evenly onto the face. Gently massage the face in circular movements for proper absorption.

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