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Cleaning face after removing makeup and removing impurities from pores is a tedious process with different types of tools and brushes. What if you get a single brush that suits all your needs? Try the Secret Key Soft Pore Brush. The brush has double micro-bristles that even takes care of your T-zone that tends to be more oily and filled with impurities. The brush has ultra-soft bristles that make the application and cleansing smooth and easy. Can be even used for removing eye makeup. If blackheads are your problem, then the brush is a solution to that also. Effective blackhead removal is easily possible with the brush. You can clean your overall face with the brush, but give special care for more concerned areas like nose, T-zone and jaws.

Size: Pen-sized, 123 mm long easy to hold and carry

How to Use: Wash your face with a Soap or a Cleanser. Clean the concerned area with the Brush light circular motions till all impurities are removed. Wash off and pat dry.

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