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Bring about miraculous changes to your skin by taking a Skincare routine with 'Secret Key Starting Treatment' range of products. The skin whitening 'Starting Treatment Cream’ from Secret Key is enriched with ingredients that soothe and hydrates your skin and at the same time whitens skin and makes it look healthy and spot-free on continuous usage. The Shea butter base in the cream helps in giving your skin that ever loved glow and moist effect while the different seed oils present in the cream gives nourishment to your skin and improves elasticity. The cream contains Galactomyces to tighten the skin. The cream also contains EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) which is a protein or hormonal compound that stimulates cell growth and helps in to reconstruct damaged skin.

The cream comes in a small premium bottle and is made of natural products. It is free of paraben, mineral oil, benzophenone, alcohol, animal oil, artificial colour, and artificial fragrance.

Quantity: 50gm

How to Use: For getting effective results, first clean your face well with water. Tone your face with the Secret Key 'Starting Treatment Essence'. Then as the next step, take some 'Starting Essence' Cream and slowly massage it into your skin. Use daily for getting effective and visible results.

Note: If you feel any kind of irritation while using the product, stop immediately and take your doctor’s advice.

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