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Stop Hair Loss Hair Regrowth Lotion

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Worried about your brittle and damaged hair? Stop brooding over it and get an immediate relief from abnormal hair fall with the help of Stop Hair Loss Hair Regrowth Lotion that provides in-depth nourishment to the hair follicles and helps in maintaining the health and beauty of the hair.

Product Details: 

Our hair becomes weak, damaged as we age and also by the exposure of hazardous environmental pollutants. Stop Hair Loss Hair Regrowth Lotion provides the extra-strength that is required to the hair follicles to withstand and to protect the hair from these external aggressions. It optimally controls the hair fall and stimulates hair growth. This lotion provides proper cleansing of the scalp by clearing grease, dirt particles, excessive sebum and also aids in maintaining a proper balance of oil and moisture content in the scalp. The herbal extracts in this lotion soothes the irritated scalp, prevents itching, dandruff and heal dull, lifeless hair thereby restoring back its lustrous shine. 

Stop Hair Loss Hair Regrowth Lotion which is free from harmful chemicals nourishes each hair strand and is the perfect solution for all your hair problems.

Ingredients: Lucid ganoderma, Radices polygoni multifori, Angelica, Gastrodia tuber, Ginger, Kuh-seng, Alcohol, Water, Ginseng

For best results: Soak a piece of cotton in 10-15 ml of this lotion and apply onto the scalp. Comb hair for a minute with a wooden comb and massage gently for proper absorption. Do this twice a day. Wash hair the next day.

Repeat the process for 30 days. 

Volume: 100 ml.

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