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Tea Tree Anti-Acne Handmade Soap

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A clear skin is a beautiful skin. Get rid of acnes and the disturbing scars from your face with the help of Tea Tree Anti-Acne Handmade Soap which injects life and energy to the skin such that skin is always blooming bright.

Product Details: 

The Tea Tree Essential oil acts as a miracle worker and profoundly helps in curing blemishes, dark spots and pimple outbursts. It regulates the amount of sebum produced by the sebaceous glands and fights off the acne producing bacteria on the skin. 

Witch Hazel Extract with its anti-inflammatory properties cures rashes, burns and soothes the skin. Tannins present in it form a protective layer on the skin and promotes the natural healing factors of the skin. It locks in moisture content thereby retaining the softness and elastic nature of the skin.

Papain acts as a natural exfoliant and accelerates the shedding of dead cells and stimulates regeneration of skin cells. The inherent skin lightening action of papain brightens up and revitalizes the skin. The anti-ageing action of papain reverses the ageing clock by modulating the collagen and elastic fibres such that the skin is always firm and young.

Tea Tree Anti-Acne Handmade Soap with its natural components provides a gentle, soothing care to the skin and keeps you refreshed all through the day.

Ingredients: Tea Tree Essential oil, Witch Hazel Extract, Papain.

For optimum skin care: Wet the skin with warm water. Rub the skin with this Handmade Soap and gently massage. Rinse well with warm water.

Volume: 150g.

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