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Long, thick and a black coloured hair is a dream of every girl. Materialize this dream with White Hair Treatment Lotion which pampers your hair such that they become lustrous and beautiful.

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Oiling and massaging hair scalp with a good hair lotion are one of the key elements which are necessary for proper hair growth. White Hair Treatment Lotion which is formulated with natural plant extracts nourish the hair follicles and strengthens damaged hair. Ginseng extract in this lotion stimulates the production of the most needed melanin pigment which nurtures the hair follicles and restores back its innate black colour. Avocado and tea seed extracts effectively condition the hair and help in repairing, soothing dented hair follicles. It helps in retaining moisture in the scalp and supplies the essential nutrients required for proper growth of the hair follicles. This, in turn, prevents premature greying and revives the hair follicles such that hair looks young, energetic and healthy.

So, grab this White Hair Treatment Lotion which just creates wonders for your precious black locks.

Ingredients: Saponin, Radices polygoni multifori, Pipal tea seed, Angelica, Ginger, Aloe, Ganoderma lucidum

For optimum skin care: Use this twice a day. Soak a piece of cotton in 10-15 ml of this lotion and apply onto the scalp. Massage the scalp gently before and after the application of lotion for proper absorption. Pull out 5-10 hair strands randomly for better penetration and to stimulate the formation of melanin. Repeat the process for 20 days. 

Volume: 100 ml.

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