You will be eligible for a Return or a Refund in the following given conditions:

Damaged Packaging

We use the best packaging methods, to ensure that the products reach the destination without any damages. So, the chances of you receiving a damaged product is almost nil. But, if by any chance your package is delivered to you in a damaged condition then, please immediately contact our customer support. Immediate actions will be take once your request is found to be genuine.

A Different Package

If you receive a package which different product than what you had ordered then also you can apply for a refund or a return, which be processed immediately and your real product will be delivered to you or a refund will be made ASAP.

Expired Products

The chances of this happening is one:infinity, but for any reason if you receive a product which has crossed its expiry date then you can move forward with a return or refund request using our contact us form.

Product not Delivered

If you do not receive your product on the delivery date provided to you and the delay has not been informed to you, then you should contact our customer support who will then make the needed arrangements for a refund or a return.

Important Points:

A refund or return will be not applicable in cases such as:

1) If there is delay in the delivery of the package, for the reason that you did not pay the import duty charge which is applicable in your country.

2) If you provided a wrong address in the order form.

3) If the package gets damaged due to your mishandling.

Note: If the delay in the delivery is happening due to some natural calamities ,then the delay in the delivery will be informed to you or a refund will be made.

Once your refund is sanctioned, if you do not receive it within 30 days, please contact us.