We bring to your doorstep your favourite products, no matter to which geographical region you belong. Our Global Delivery service include:

Express Shipping

This type of shipping is of fast kind and delivers the product at its destination within 3 days of ordering.

Regular Shipping

This type of shipping takes around 4-5 days to deliver the product, but the product will definitely reach its destination within 5 days.*

The shipping options are available on the order form itself. And while making the order itself you can decide you can decide the shipping services you want to avail.

Please note that the import duty charges have to be paid by you and we will not be responsible for the delay in delivery of the order due to delay in payment of import duty charges from your side.

(* usually the product is delivered within 5 days, but in case of natural calamities or disasters the delivery might get delayed, or canceled. In the later case the money will be refunded to the respective customer.)