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Multi Cell Night Repair Ampoule

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The Secret Key brand Multi Cell Night Repair Ampoule primarily contains plant callus culture extracts of grapes, green tea and tomatoes, as well as adenosine, arbutin, and niacinamide. The plant stem cell nutrition ampoule moisturizes the skin at night and keeps it bright, while also ensuring its vitality and elasticity. The adenosine offers rough skin the required moisture and nutrition to give it a youthful look. The Arbutin inhibits the formation of excess melanin resulting in the clean and clear skin. The night repair skin care product is free of pigments, mineral oil, benzophenone and phenoxyethanol. It comes in a maroon colored 50 ml rectangular plastic bottle with a golden and white colored ampoule cap. For best results, dispense the required amount onto your hand using the ampoule and massage softly on the affected areas to increase absorption.

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