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The S Skin brand Plant Water Cream is a plant-based facial cream. The facial cream has baobab tree seed extract and betal platyphylla japonica juice as its primary ingredients. The cream helps in keeping the skin balance intact by retaining the moisture content of the skin for a really long time. It also improves the vitality of the skin by giving it a soft, firm, radiant, and elastic complexion. The cream can be used on any type of skin. For best results, apply a moderate amount of the cream on the face twice a day in the morning and at the night from the inside to the outside. Gently tap the applied areas for uniform spreading and absorption by the skin. Make sure that the cream is applied on the face only after cleansing and toning is done. The facial cream comes in a wide-mouthed bluish white 50 ml plastic container with a blue lid.  

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