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Power 10 Formula WH Effector

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The S Skin brand Power 10 Formula WH Effector is a skin-whitening essence that is packed with arbutin to prevent melanin formation while giving the skin an even tone and a fair complexion. The effector has a deep penetrating formula and moisturizes the skin through its various layers. This leaves the skin supple, radiant, and plush. The effector also removes any redness from the skin associated with UV rays and other external stimuli. It is ideal for any type of skin. To use the product, take some effector on your palm and rub both hands till they are slightly warm. Now, pat your palms gently on the face till the serum is absorbed completely. Follow up with a cream or moisturizer of your choice. Remember to apply the serum after using a cleanser and toner. The effector comes in a cylindrical 30 ml white plastic bottle with a nozzle opening and a transparent plastic lid.

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