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The Secret Key brand Royal Bird's Nest Gold Cream primarily consists of 24k gold and swallow's nest extracts. The gold cream nourishes and moisturizes the skin and gives it natural elasticity and radiance. It also includes jojoba, sweet almond, and olive oils, apart from permitted chemicals. The gold content enhances skin immunity, flushes out toxins from tissues, and enhances blood circulation. The niacinamide in the cream prevents the formation of melanin while it brightens and lightens the skin tone by lessening pigmentation, and also removes the irritation and itchiness associated with dry skin. The adenosine present in the skin care product balances the oil and moisture of the skin resulting in good skin elasticity. The cream is intended for use by women. The skin care white colored cream comes in a 60 g stylish maroon plastic jar with a golden rim and a matching golden lid. For best results, take the required amount from the jar and apply uniformly on the concerned areas. Apply the cream both in the morning and the evening. Do not apply anything on the skin after using the gold cream.

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