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The Secret Key brand Snow White Milky Pack is non-greasy and has a moisturizing effect, as well as brightens your complexion. The cream can be applied on both the body and face. The niacinamide based white colored milky pack has a creamy texture that is easily absorbed by the skin. It is free of animal and mineral oils, coloring agents, phenoxyethanol, and benzophenone. The effect of a single application lasts for a maximum of 10 hours. To apply the milky pack, first clean the areas such as face, hands, legs, and feet where it is to be applied. Apply a moderate amount of the pack on the cleansed areas and massage gently using circular motions. Wait for a couple of hours for absorption and wash off with warm water. Take care not to rub the applied areas. Tap the washed areas gently to dry. The pack can be used on all skin types. For best results, use the milky pack twice or thrice a week. Once opened, you must finish the pack within a timeframe of six months. The milky pack comes in a 200 ml cylindrical easily squeezable plastic white container with a matching flip open cap.

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