Syn-Ake Anti Wrinkle & Whitening Ampoule


Syn-Ake Anti Wrinkle & Whitening Emulsion

Syn-Ake Anti Wrinkle & Whitening Cream

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The Secret Key brand Syn-Ake Anti Wrinkle & Whitening Cream has shea butter, Arbutin, Vitamin E and caviar as its key ingredients, among others. The anti-wrinkle cream moisturizes the skin while removing its roughness and gives it the required nutrition. The cream also lightens the skin and keeps it free of wrinkles and fine lines apart from tightening the sagging skin. It additionally enhances the skin vitality and elasticity resulting in delayed ageing. The skin care product is intended for use by women and is recommended to be used as the last step towards skin care. No other product must be applied over the cream. For best results, use warm hands to apply the cream as this ensures deeper penetration. The anti-wrinkle and whitening cream comes in a stylish 50 ml red colored plastic jar with a wide mouth and a silver-colored lid.

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