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Yeowoo 9 Tails Mirotic The Hayan GT Sungel

Yeowoo 9 Tails Mirotic The Hayan GT Cream (Instant whitening effect)

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The Yeowoo brand 9 Tails Mirotic The Hayan GT Cream (Instant Whitening Effect) is a soft cream used to whiten the skin by brightening the skin tone instantly. The cream produces a moisture shield to safeguard the skin against dehydration and harsh environments  and to give the skin a natural glow. It has various top quality ingredients that wear out the pigmentation marks, dark brown and age spots, and blemishes from the skin. The primary ingredients in the cream are arbutin, algae extracts, galactomyces, soybean and bifida ferment extracts, niacinamide, and red ginseng extract, among others. The Hayan GT cream comes in an easy to squeeze 30 g white tube with a plastic transparent cap.  

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