Yeowoo 9 Tails Mirotic The Hayan GT Cream (Instant whitening effect)


Yeowoo Real The Hayan GT Whitening cream (Pearl cream)

Yeowoo 9 Tails Mirotic The Hayan GT Sungel

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The Yeowoo brand 9 Tails Mirotic The Hayan GT Sungel has a fluffy texture that helps in skin whitening apart from keeping the skin soft, radiant, supple, and hydrated. The cream also offers UV protection functionality with its skin care base. Additionally, the sungel lessens the appearances of pigmentation or brown spots and blemishes that occur due to skin contact with the sun. It primarily consists of arbutin, allantoin, galactomyces, bifida ferment lysate and portulaca oleracea and centella asiatica extracts. The non-greasy cream leaves no trace or stain after application. The Hayan GT Sungel comes in a 50 ml white tube that can be easily squeezed and has a transparent cap.  

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