Yeowoo Real The Hayan GT Whitening cream (Pearl cream)

Yeowoo Ultra Fermentation The Hayan GT Essence

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The Yeowoo brand Ultra Fermentation The Hayan GT Essence keeps the skin smooth, soft, healthy, radiant and supple. The Hayan GT Essence essentially has fermentation filtrates, bifida and undiluted galactomices. The essence keeps the skin clear, as well as strengthens the damageable, delicate, and sensitive skin barrier to support the balance of the skin. It also lessens the occurrence of white flakiness without irritating the skin, brightens uneven skin tone, and calms the skin affected by acne. In addition, the galactomices keep the moisture of the skin for a long time and make it look lively while the fermented lactic acid assists in removing dead skin. The essence comes in a white glossy cylindrical bottle with a pumping mechanism that prevents excess spills and a transparent aqua blue pull open lid.  

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