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Yeowoo Boutique Spa Hair Shampoo

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The Yeowoo brand Boutique Spa Hair Shampoo helps in strengthening scalp and hair. The shampoo has argan tree kernel oil, as well as various non-ionic and plant-based surfactants derived from coconut and beets. The mild, non-toxic, and biodegradable surfactants are gentle on the eyes and skin. The other key ingredients include camellia japonica seed oil, algae extracts, and olive oil. These ingredients give the hair the required nutrients and keep the hair hydrated and shiny, give relief to the irritated scalp and protect it, as well as strengthen the hair. The creamy foam based shampoo also maintains a perfect balance between the oil and moisture on the hair. The hair cleaning product is free of silicone, mineral oil, paraben, benzophenone, artificial colors and other harmful agents. To use the hair shampoo, lather it on wet hair and massage well before washing off thoroughly. The shampoo comes in a white 500 ml cylindrical bottle with a pumping mechanism to avoid excess spills.  

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